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May 8th: Post-Transplant Mega Update - The one where I get you up to speed Post-transplant

May 2nd: I will literally see you later - The one where I'm not excited or nervous or anxious. Not one bit. Nope.

March 20th: Save The Date - The one where you need to update your calendar

March 19th: Making Preparations - The one where I'm getting ready to git er done


November 11th: Leveling Up - The one where I decide to go under the knife

June 29th: I'm Not Dead ...Yet - The one where 'more frequent posts' means 'not very often, in reality'

May 5th: Conversion - The one where I do some more stuff with Ruby


November 22nd: Walking The Walk - The one where I actually do what I said I was gonna do

October 28th: White and Nerdy - The one where I'm too much of a geek for my own good

October 25th: Man In The Middle - The one where the blog gets an original new look

October 16th: One Two Five Four - The one where I let other people stick plastic things in my eyes

September 30th: Have you seen this geek? - The one where I still don't update this blog in, like, forever

May 13th: Missing In Action - The one where life keeps me from posting any updates

March 4th: Please keep your arms and head inside the vehicle at all times - The one where I get behind the wheel

March 1st: Something Something Darkside - The one where I spent all my tax refund on something shiny

February 17th: The Fine Print - The one where the little things are out of sight but not dynomite

January 7th: Looking Forward - The one where I realize how bad my glasses prescription really is


November 12th: Just Call Me Johnny Nash - The one where things went pretty okay

October 9th: The Light At The End of The Tunnel - The one where there's bad news but even better news about my eyes

September 25th: The Eyes Have It - The one where I finally get my eyes taken care of

August 31st: Snakes and Birds - The one where I only partially re-invent the wheel

August 24th: Quad - The one where I realize that I have little to no coordination

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